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Company benefits: five insurances, employee travel, catering subsidy, communication subsidy, performance bonus, year-end bonus, regular physical examination and dormitory provision


Senior Electrical Engineer

Job responsibilities:

1. Familiar with PLC, inverter, sensors, high and low voltage switchgear and other electrical or power distribution products;

2. Familiar with PLC selection, configuration, debugging, etc. Familiar with PLC equipment networking technology, familiar with communication protocol, communication gateway programming; Rich experience in automatic control data collection and processing;

3. Have relatively solid Labview development experience.

4. Have independently completed or is mainly responsible for the completion of large-scale electronic control project more than 1 experience; Can solve the difficult problems of electrical design, electrical installation and electrical debugging.

5. Bachelor degree or above in electrical automation, instrument control, electronics and other related disciplines, with at least 2 years of electrical design and development experience;



Mechanical Engineer

Job responsibilities:

1. Mechanical design of products: including scheme design, three-dimensional drawing, engineering drawing and relevant technical documents

2. Production and processing follow-up, graphics and text problems handled in a timely manner

3. Solve technical problems and estimate the cost and time;

4. Prototype trial production, installation, debugging, put forward product improvement measures;

5. Determine the final product or system, and prepare production documents, user manuals and other related documents;

6. Custom product design.



1. Mechanical related major, bachelor degree or above; At least CET-6 reading and writing level;

2. Bachelor degree with more than three years of product design experience, Master degree with more than one year of product design experience, wide knowledge and strong hands-on ability;

3. Able to skillfully use mainstream mapping software, such as PROE/CREO/Solid Works;

4. Flexible thinking, good learning ability and innovation ability;

5. Have a strong sense of responsibility, good team cooperation ability, communication ability, modest and steadfast;

6. Willing to develop in Beijing for a long time.


Sales Director


(I)Strategic Support

1. Provide information support and suggestions for major decisions of the company: guide the special market investigation and market information collection, including market demand, product information, competitors and strategic partners' trends, and report in a timely manner

2. Guide and supervise subordinates to provide various sales and contract statistics in a timely manner to facilitate decision-making

3. According to the company's national regional market development and the company's strategic planning, to assist the company to develop the overall sales and marketing strategy, marketing plan and quantitative marketing indicators; After the approval of the company's general manager or chairman of the board of directors (meeting), organize the implementation.

(II) Program Management

1. According to the requirements of the company's strategic development, organize the formulation and implementation of the company's business plan for this year, examine and approve the business plans of various regions and issue them

2. Organize and lead the sales team to implement the annual company sales business plan, annual market plan and product plan. Complete the sales target set by the company, coordinate and deal with all kinds of market problems.

3. Regularly check and analyze the marketing environment, objectives, plans and business activities, timely adjust marketing strategies and plans, formulate preventive and corrective measures, and ensure the completion of marketing objectives and marketing plans.

(III) Organizing the Implementation of Brand Image Building and Management;

1. According to the company's existing product sales situation, organize the implementation of enterprise product structure and market development, the development of our company's existing products for sale.

2. Formulate the market price of the Company's drugs according to the market and the situation in the same trade, and formulate relevant measures for price protection, which shall be implemented after approval.

3. From the height of brand building, formulate the company's market development plan and price protection policy.

(IV)Sales Team Building Management

1. Set up the sales department and marketing department, build the company's sales team, set up a scientific and systematic sales management mode that conforms to the actual situation of the enterprise and carry out effective internal control;

2. Formulate the company's overall sales and operation policies; Formulate various evaluation indicators such as sales volume, market coverage rate and market share, decompose sales task indicators, formulate responsibility and cost evaluation methods, and make adjustments according to specific implementation.

3. Summarize and coordinate the supply demand plan and formulate the supply allocation plan;

4. Coordinate the sales relationship

5. Adjust the distribution of sales areas and business evaluation requirements

6. Manage and supervise the work of the sales regional manager

(V) Construction of Marketing Channels

1. Guiding the formulation of channel sales strategies and supervising and guiding the sales of channels: guiding all regions to formulate channel development strategies and specific channel management policies, and giving business guidance; To guide the selection and management of distributors in various regions to ensure mutually beneficial cooperative relations.

2. Guide and supervise the channel sales in various regions to ensure the completion of the channel sales and collection tasks.

(VI) Bidding Management

1. Be fully responsible for organizing the bidding design and management of the company's products in all provinces and cities.

2. Responsible for the coordination and maintenance of the provinces and cities bidding management department.

(VII) Management of subordinate departments

1. Guide, supervise and coordinate the work of regional managers and sales personnel

2. Assess and evaluate the work of sales managers, regional managers and sales staff.

3. Train and train sales and marketing personnel

Responsibilities: Biological background is preferred


1. Make payment according to the signed and verified application form (the applicant fills in the remittance application form, and the contract is attached, and the applicant and the reviewer sign it). Make payment registration form and payment statistics, and be responsible for expediting and recording the invoices.

2. Be responsible for daily reimbursement, and make reimbursement records according to the approved and signed reimbursement documents (check the invoice amount and reimbursement amount and whether the writing is correct). For reimbursement of materials and fixed assets, the expense reimbursement form shall be filled in, the corresponding receipt document shall be pasted, and the vouchers shall be pasted neatly.

3. Submit last week's reimbursement documents and bank receipts and payments documents to the accountant for bookkeeping every Monday.

4. Send the checks collected by the department to the bank in a timely manner; When receiving the bank receipt, register it in time and submit it to the accountant for accounting. If there is a refund from a bank, the bank shall timely hand in the accounting statement and replace the cheque.

5. After receiving the acceptance bill, we should keep a good record, pay attention to the custody and maturity of the bill, and plan to go to the bank for collection.

6. At the beginning of each month (before the 5th), print all bank statements and receipts (2 copies of statements and receipts shall be printed) and arrange them in order for accounting.

7. Be responsible for the reconciliation of cash and bank deposit accounts to ensure that the accounts are in line with each other and the accounts are in line with each other, and to ensure that the accounts are settled on a monthly basis.

8. Be responsible for issuing invoices and keeping invoices. According to the invoice application form and contract provided by the sales, review the invoicing conditions of the contract, issue invoices, and keep records of receipt and registration of invoices. (New customers need to retain billing information when issuing invoices, including business license and account opening license, and the qualification certificate of general taxpayers when issuing special VAT invoices)

9. Complete other temporary work assigned by the leadership.


Sales Engineer

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the company's product sales and promotion;

2. According to the marketing plan, complete the department sales targets;

3. Open up new markets, develop new customers and increase the sales scope of products;

4. Be responsible for collecting market information in the jurisdiction and analyzing competitors;

5. Be responsible for the planning and execution of sales activities within the sales area and complete the sales tasks;

6. Manage and maintain customer relations and long-term strategic cooperation plans among customers.

7. Regularly do work summary, and complete other work arranged by the leadership.


1. Biological science/biotechnology, chemical engineering/chemistry, life science, environmental science, animal medicine, GLP laboratory customer service, etc. are preferred.

2. At least 1-2 years working experience in sales industry, with outstanding performance preferred;

3. Willing to engage in sales work, able to work under certain pressure and able to travel.

4. Quick response, strong expression ability, strong communication skills and communication skills, with affinity;

5. Articulate, cheerful, active and willing to learn and develop.

6. Have certain market analysis and judgment ability, good customer service consciousness;

7. Have good communication skills and team spirit, integrity, strong sense of responsibility;

Salary and treatment:

1. Annual salary: 300,000-400,000

2. Working hours: 8:30-17:30, one hour's rest at noon, working meals, double rest on Saturday and Sunday.

3. Five Risks for Entry

4. Arrange a health check-up once a year.

5. Provide tour/team activities every year