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Animal Gas Poisoning Apparatus

The product description


The instrument can be used to complete acute and chronic poisoning of animals in toxic and harmful gas environment and toxic and harmful gas poisoning experiments of animals in high and low oxygen, high and low pressure, high and low pressure and high and low oxygen mixed environment. The instrument can detect and automatically adjust the temperature, humidity, pressure difference, oxygen concentration, and concentration of contaminated gas in the contaminated cavity.





01.Environmental toxicology

02.Drug toxicology


04.Food toxicology

05.Industrial toxicology

06.Veterinary toxicology

07.Military toxicology



01.With rich gas injection interfaces and powerful injection expansion function, flue gas, formaldehyde, benzene, radon gas, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other gases can be used as toxic gases, or mixed gases can be selected for toxicity experiments.

02.The instrument can be used for acute exposure, chronic exposure, low pressure, high pressure, low oxygen, high oxygen and other gas exposure experiments.

03.The temperature, humidity, pressure difference, oxygen concentration and concentration of toxic gas in the contaminated environment can be accurately controlled.

04.All parameters are monitored in real time and their numerical values and real-time curves are dynamically displayed. Real-time alarm and recording, automatic storage of historical data and historical curves. Historical reports are easy to query, print and export.



1. Poisoning Cavity

The contaminated cavity is made of 316 stainless steel, and its surface is specially treated with anti-corrosion. It has the functions of anti-explosion, anti-combustion and anti-corrosion. 80 mice can be stored in the infected cavity.


2. Professional Cage

It has a special single cage and cage, which meets OECD's requirements for systemic inhalation exposure of animals. It is equipped with a stainless steel stool collection tray, which is convenient for cleaning and maintenance.


3. Monitoring System for Environmental Parameters of Poisoning

The temperature, humidity, pressure difference, oxygen concentration, carbon dioxide concentration, toxic gas concentration and the like in the toxic cavity can be detected.


4. Upper Computer Control System

Each parameter of the exposure control system can be individually set, displayed and controlled. Excellent man-machine interface and easy operation. Parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure difference, oxygen concentration, carbon dioxide concentration, gas flow rate, exposure concentration, exposure time and remaining time in the exposure chamber during the experiment can be set and automatically controlled according to the experimental requirements of GLP laboratory.


5. Aerosol Dilution and Mixing System

Patented products, using special materials, have excellent properties such as high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, easy cleaning, etc. They can quickly mix aerosol evenly without damage and stabilize it at the required concentration.


6. Aerosol Mass Concentration Detection System

Consisting of CEL-712 mass concentration detector, it can observe the trend of aerosol particle mass concentration in real time and adjust it through control system. Measurement range: 0.001mg/m3 to 250 g/m3 (250,000 mg/m3); Large storage capacity: can store 500 measurement results and 86000 data.


7. Gas Control System

The gas control system consists of oil-free mute air compressor, filter, oil-free vacuum pump, flow controller and other parts, which can accurately control the gas flow of the exposed system.


8. Exhaust Gas Treatment System

Exhaust emissions fully meet national safety emission standards.


OECD403, GBZ/T 240.26-2011, GBZ/T 240.20-2011, GBZ/T 240.17-2011, GBZ/T 240.4-2011




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