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Dynamic systemic exposure system of large animals

The product description


The instrument can be used to complete inhalation exposure experiments of large animals (dogs, primates, ferrets, rabbits, etc.) exposed to gases, liquid aerosols, dust aerosols and nano particles.



01. In the field of drug safety evaluation

02.In the field of chemical and pesticide safety evaluation

03.The fields of inhalation immunization and environmental assessment

04.The field of respiratory disease modeling and efficacy evaluation

05.The field of radioactive material hazard assessment and protection

06.Military medicine and aerospace medicine



01.Aerosol quantification is accurate. The independently developed control system and precise flow controller ensure the accuracy of aerosol quantification.

02.The gas concentration uniformity error in animal respiratory belt is less than the average value of ±8%, the liquid aerosol concentration uniformity error is less than the average value of ±10%, and the dust aerosol concentration uniformity error is less than the average value of ±20%, which meets the requirements of OECD TG standard

03.It has an animal behavior monitoring system, which can monitor animal activity or poisoning signs in real time or remotely.

04.The instrument itself has negative pressure design, which can be used in conventional environment or negative pressure environment, and can ensure the safety of personnel and environment.

05.With automatic spray cleaning function, it is convenient for users to clean the instrument.



1. Safety Protection Intelligent Shielding Cabinet 

(1) Liquid aerosol generator: used to generate liquid aerosol. The generated aerosol MMAD1-4μm and GSD1.5-3 meet OECD requirements. There are two types of aerosol generators with water as excipient and oil as excipient.

(2) Dust aerosol generator (optional): used to generate dust aerosol. The generated aerosol MMAD1-4μm and GSD1.5-3 meet OECD requirements. There are two kinds of generators to choose from depending on the amount of sample.

(3) VOC gas quantitative generator (optional): adopts glass ball pile convection type volatilization structure with fast volatilization speed; The generated gas has controllable concentration and high continuous stability. The generating system is closed and has high safety. Volatilization rate: 0-5mL/min; Gas flow rate: 0-20L/min; Heating temperature: 20-60℃.


2. Animal Exposure Room

The main structure is welded from high-quality steel and has excellent properties such as high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, easy cleaning, etc. Ultra-large toughened transparent glass is used as the observation window, making animal observation barrier-free.


3. Sample Generation and Delivery System

The exposed chamber is designed according to aerodynamics, aerosol diffusion and exhaust gas recovery pair cone design, and adopts a circumferential large-plane air extraction system to ensure uniform distribution of test objects. The aerosol particle size distribution in the chamber is mm Ad1-4μ m and GSD1.5-3.


5. Poison Control System, Host Computer Remote Control System

Patented products, using special materials, have excellent properties such as high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, easy cleaning, etc., can quickly mix aerosol evenly without damage and stabilize at the required concentration.


6. Aerosol Dilution and Mixing System

Each parameter of the exposure control system can be individually set, displayed and controlled. Excellent man-machine interface and easy operation. Parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure difference, oxygen concentration, carbon dioxide concentration, gas flow rate, exposure concentration, exposure time and remaining time in the exposure chamber during the experiment can be set and automatically controlled according to the experimental requirements of GLP laboratory.


7. Aerosol Particle Size Distribution Analysis System (Optional)

The upper and lower limits of temperature, humidity, pressure difference, oxygen concentration, carbon dioxide concentration and other parameters can be set according to actual needs, and the computer can alarm abnormal conditions such as temperature anomaly, pressure difference anomaly and gas leakage according to the above settings.


8. Aerosol Mass Concentration Detection System

The aerosol particle size spectrometer is used for analysis, and the particle size analysis range is 0.5-20μ m; Measuring flow: 5.0 L/min; Maximum particle concentration: 104P/cm3.


9. Gas Control System

Consisting of CEL-712 mass concentration detector, it can observe the trend of aerosol particle mass concentration in real time and adjust it through the control system. Measurement range: 0.001mg/m3 to 250 g/m3 (250,000 mg/m3); Large storage capacity: can store 500 measurement results and 86000 data.


10. Automatic Sampling System

The gas control system consists of oil-free mute air compressor, filter, oil-free vacuum pump, flow controller and other parts, which can accurately control the gas flow of the exposed system.


11. Exhaust Gas Treatment System

It consists of sampler, precise flow controller and sampling pump. The aerosol in the exposure chamber is automatically sampled.


12 Anti-Theft Alarm System

Exhaust emissions fully meet national safety emission standards.


13 Scavenger System

Spherical spray technology and orthogonal multi-degree-of-freedom spray system are adopted to ensure that all corners in the exposed cavity can be thoroughly cleaned.


14. Animal Behavior Monitoring System

It is equipped with invisible probe, video image acquisition card, computer system and monitoring software, which can monitor the movement of animals in real time.





GBZ/T 240.26-2011、GBZ/T 240.20-2011、GBZ/T 240.17-2011、GBZ/T 240.4-2011



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