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Fully Automatic Ames Tester

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Fully Automatic Ames Tester

The product description


The fully automatic AMES instrument is an automatic experimental instrument developed according to the standard flow of AMES experiment (bacteria recovery mutation experiment). The instrument realizes full automation of a series of operations such as subpackaging, adding samples, pipetting, diluting, mixing evenly, laying plates and the like of the bottom culture medium, does not need manual duty in the experiment process, can greatly reduce complicated manual operations in the early stage of AMES experiment, reduce human errors, and improve experiment efficiency and experiment precision.

The instrument can automatically complete the subpackaging of the bottom culture medium. After the bottom culture medium is dried, the sterile culture dishes are automatically taken out one by one from the high-throughput storage mechanism, and the capping operation is automatically completed. At the same time, the S9 mixed solution, the bacterial solution, the top layer glue and the sample (or the control substance) are automatically quantitatively sampled and swirled evenly, then the mixed solution is tiled into the culture dishes, finally the caps are closed, and the culture dishes are stacked again in the storage mechanism. After the experiment is completed, the operator can directly replace the storage mechanism and place the prepared petri dishes in corresponding incubators in batches for cultivation. The instrument can process 5 gradient concentrations, 2 solvent controls and 1 positive control of the sample at one time, and can place 6 positive controls at the same time. During the experiment, the instrument will automatically heat or refrigerate the top glue, S9 and the mixed solution for preservation.





01.Can be used for detecting mutagenicity of foods, health products, cosmetics, medicines, new compounds, etc.

02.Mutagenicity Detection of Drinking Water and Industrial Wastewater

03.Mutagenicity Detection of Soil, Sludge, Industrial Waste Compost and Waste Ashes

04.Mutagenicity Detection of Gaseous Pollutants

05.Screening of Anti-Mutants and Research on Anticancer Drugs



01.Fully automated design

Only the operator needs to complete the setting of experimental parameters, the system can automatically complete the sub-packaging of the bottom culture medium, and the operations of taking dishes, mixing, adding samples, etc. The instrument is simple to operate, liberating the operator from complicated experimental operations and focusing more on the analysis of experimental results.


02.Automatic subpackaging of substratum culture medium

The invention can automatically complete the subpackaging of the bottom culture medium, avoids the problems of scalding hands, large errors and the like during manual operation, has higher efficiency and more accurate subpackaging.


03.Fast vortex mixing

Swirl mixing is used to mix the mixed liquid rapidly.


04.Reagent preservation temperature control system

The invention realizes the heating and heat preservation of the top layer glue and S9 low-temperature refrigeration and heat preservation, simultaneously increases the heating and heat preservation of the mixed liquid, and all the temperatures can be adjusted.


05.Petri dish marking system

Record and distinguish different samples and petri dishes with different dosages by dot marking method, and at the same time, mark comparison table can be automatically issued after system test.

06.Anti-cross contamination design

In the experiment, a culture dish corresponds to a test tube, different samples and reagents are sampled by different gun heads, and the discarded gun heads are isolated from the new gun heads.



Comply with OECD471, GBZ/T 240.8-2011, GB15193.4-2014, YY/T0127.10-2009


The "full-automatic Ames experimental instrument" project won the funding for the capital's scientific and technological conditions platform scientific instrument development and cultivation project, with an amount of 800,000 Yuan.





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