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Non-Invasive Airway Mechanics Detecting System

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Non-Invasive Airway Mechanics Detecting System

The product description


Non-Invasive Airway Mechanics detection system (NAM), also known as Double Chamber, is a non-invasive detection standard recognized by the academic community in the past 30 years. It calculates the special airway resistance sRaw by detecting the phase difference between nasal airflow and thoracic airflow, and is an ideal indicator widely accepted to replace invasive detection.


01. Animal Physiology of Asthma

02. Rapid detection, screening of a large number of animals

03. Experimental Study on Safety Evaluation of Drugs



01. Detection of sRaw specific airway resistance and sRaw specific airway conductance, tidal volume, EF50 and other direct physiological indicators that reflect small airway resistance:


02. Suitable for long-term follow-up study;


03. Can be tested by more than one animal at the same time;


04. It is suitable for mice, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, dogs, pigs and primates.




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