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Dust Aerosol Generator

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Dust Aerosol Generator

The product description


The dust aerosol generator adopts the rotating brush principle and generates high-speed airflow edge tip force through an equal-area gradient hyperboloid technology to shear and break up powder particles into uniformly distributed thoracic aerosol, and the dust aerosol MMAD:1 -4μm and GSD:1.5-3 are formed. The volume cylinder can contain 300 g of powder, which is higher than other similar products.





01. It is applied to the generation of dry powder aerosol, and the particle size of the generated aerosol gel meets the requirements in the fields of inhalation infection, inhalation toxicology, inhalation immune disease and the like.

02. Aerosol generation can be carried out on trace dust.

03. It is applied to the preparation of standard examples and the calibration of aerosol detection instruments. 



01. Computer control, good man-machine interface.

Through the detection and control of the whole system by industrial computers, the friendly interface and high-definition touch screen display make users easy to use. Using intelligent design, when the air source pressure is detected to be insufficient, the instrument cannot be started or stopped to reduce the damage to the instrument. The software interface displays parameters such as gas source pressure, gas flow rate, powder mass flow rate, theoretical concentration, remaining working time, feeding speed and the like in real time, and the user can clearly know the operation status of the instrument at a glance.


02. The dust feeding speed can be adjusted and controlled accurately.

The feeding speed of dust can be adjusted within the range of 0.05-20mm/min, and different concentrations of dust aerosol can be accurately and quantitatively produced to meet different experimental requirements.


03.Intelligent Recognition and Reality

The system can automatically identify the dust amount currently loaded, calculate and display the remaining working time in real time according to the set sample feeding speed, and the system will automatically stop working when the sample is consumed.


04. Gas flow regulation

Through the adjustment of electronic flowmeter and precision valve, the user can control the gas flow for aerosol generation to adjust the concentration of dust aerosol generated.


05. Real-time theoretical concentration display

The system automatically calculates and displays the theoretical aerosol concentration in real time according to the detected gas flow and powder mass flow.











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