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Whole body exposure system for small animals

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Whole body exposure system for small animals

The product description


The instrument can be used to complete inhalation exposure experiments of small animals (rats, mice, guinea pigs, etc.) exposed to gases, liquid aerosols, dust aerosols and Nano particles.



01. In the field of drug safety evaluation

02.In the field of chemical and pesticide safety evaluation

03.The fields of inhalation immunization and environmental assessment

04.The field of respiratory disease modeling and efficacy evaluation

05.The field of radioactive material hazard assessment and protection

06.Military medicine and aerospace medicine



01.Aerosol quantification is accurate. The independently developed control system and precise flow controller ensure the accuracy of aerosol quantification.

02.The uniformity error of gas concentration in animal respiratory zone is less than ±8% of the average value, the uniformity error of liquid aerosol concentration is less than ±10% of the average value, and the uniformity error of dust aerosol concentration is less than ±20% of the average value, which meets the requirements of OECD TG standard.

03.It has an animal behavior monitoring system, which can monitor animals or toxic signs in real time or remotely.

04.The instrument itself has negative pressure design, which can be used in normal environment or negative pressure environment to ensure the safety of personnel and environment.

05.With automatic spray cleaning function, it is convenient for users to clean the instrument.


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