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Multi-concentration cell exposure system

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Multi-concentration cell exposure system

The product description


Multi-concentration cell exposure system is an in vitro cell porous exposure system for inhalable substances developed based on ALI (gas-liquid interface culture exposure) technology. The system adopts the patented technology of multi-concentration distribution of homologous subjects. One experiment can complete the cell exposure experiment of 3 concentrations and 1 control group, with at least 3 cell exposure parallel samples at each concentration. The multi-concentration cell exposure system has the characteristics of ensuring sample homology between each concentration, high experimental efficiency, low sample consumption, etc.



01.Smoke Inhalation and Health Research

02.Environmental and Health Effects of Chemicals and Pesticides

03.Influence of Air Particulate Matter and Microorganism on Environment and Health

04.Health Assessment of Air in Space

05.Study on Biosafety Evaluation of Nanomaterials

06.Impact of Industrial Chemicals on Health

07.Study on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Lung Cancer and Other Related Diseases



1. For direct exposure to monolayer cultured cells or bacteria, three dose concentration cell exposure experiments can be completed in one experiment.

2. Completely mimics the exposure of the gas-liquid level in the body environment.

3. Aerosol in the exposed chamber is uniformly distributed and flows at a constant speed.

4. Ensure consistency of flow rate and concentration of the same concentration.

5. The biosafety cabinet provides a highly clean experimental environment, and all components of the exposure module can be disassembled and disinfected.

6. Adding aerosol mass concentration detection instruments can adjust and accurately control the exposure concentration of flue gas or aerosol in real time.

7. Flow control is accurate, reaching ±1.5%.

8. The experimental efficiency is high, and the parallel sample experiment with 3 concentrations and 9 units can be realized at most.

9. Unique design of constant temperature heating water tank, water bath temperature control accuracy of ±0.3℃.

10. Industrial flat panel industrial control computer, touch screen operation, stable performance, small and beautiful appearance.

11. Superior man-machine interface and highly intelligent control software, friendly and beautiful interface, simple user operation.

12. Quiet air pump is adopted to effectively reduce the noise of the instrument.

13. The module structure is reasonable and simplified, and mature unit modules are adopted to ensure the reliability and accuracy of system experiments and reduce the failure rate of the system.

14. Strong research and development technical background and a large amount of literature support.



1. Sample Generation System Module (Optional)

The system provides a variety of sample generation system modules for users to choose from: intelligent smoking machine, liquid aerosol generator, dust aerosol generator, VOC gas quantitative generator, etc.


2. Sample supply and delivery system module

The main function of the sample supply and delivery system module is to deliver samples with stable concentration, air pressure and flow rate for the cell exposure experiment. The delivered samples need to be clean and maintain the consistency of physical and chemical characteristics, and the uniformity of each pore channel in the same exposure unit is good to ensure the consistency of the experiment.


3. Cell Poisoning System Module

1) Clean sterile experimental environment

The cell exposure experiment is placed in an ultra-clean table or a biological safety cabinet, which provides a cell exposure experiment platform and continuously provides a clean and sterile air flow to isolate the experiment platform from contact with the outside, thus ensuring the cleanness and sterility of the experiment space, preventing external pollution and affecting the experiment effect and authenticity.

2) Various cell exposure unit modules meet different experimental requirements.

3) Static or dynamic nutrition supply

Through the nutrient solution supply unit, the cell nutrient medium is statically or dynamically supplied to the cells to ensure a good living environment for the cells. Static supply and dynamic supply meet the requirements of short-term exposure experiment and long-term exposure experiment respectively.

4) Constant temperature water bath culture

According to the setting, constant temperature water is supplied to the water bath box during the experiment to ensure cell growth in a comfortable environment, and the control accuracy of the constant temperature water bath is ±0.3℃.

5) Human-computer interaction

The interaction between the user and the instrument can be realized through the upper computer software.


4. Aerosol mass concentration detection system (optional)

Consisting of CEL-712 mass concentration detector, aerosol particle distribution and concentration trend can be observed in real time. Measurement range: 0.001mg/m3 to 250 g/m3 (250,000 mg/m3); Large storage capacity: can store 500 measurement results and 86000 data.


5. Exhaust gas treatment system module

Special laboratory waste gas treatment system is simple to operate, convenient for centralized management and low in operation cost. Exhaust emissions fully meet national safety emission standards.



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