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VOC Gas Quantitative Generator

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VOC Gas Quantitative Generator

The product description


VOC gas quantitative generator is an instrument that can quantitatively and rapidly volatilize volatile organic compounds (alcohol, formaldehyde, etc.) to generate gas with controllable concentration.





Health risk assessment of ambient air and indoor volatile solvents, inhalation toxicity study of volatile organic solvents or petrochemical products in occupational places, on-line monitoring and analysis technology and control of volatile organic compounds.



01. Prosperous gas has controllable concentration and high continuous stability;

02. Adopt glass ball pile convection volatilization structure with fast volatilization speed;

03. The temperature of the auxiliary heating volatile gas is controllable;

04. The occurrence system is closed and has high safety.

05. Volatilization speed: 0-5mL/min; Gas flow rate: 0-20L/min; Heating temperature: 20-60 c.







Shenyang Medical University

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