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Single-Channel Intelligent Smoking Machine

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Single-Channel Intelligent Smoking Machine

The product description


Single-channel smoking machine HRH-SM120 adopts precise motor and control unit, meeting ISO3308 and 4387 smoking standard methods.

Working environment:


Humidity:5%~95%(Non-condensing state)

Storage environment:


Humidity:5%~95%(Non-condensing state)

Meet the standards:ISO3308, ISO4307





01. Applicable to all toxicological research centers and animal smoking and poisoning experiments.

02. Suitable for breathing center laboratories in major hospitals.

03. It is applicable to the technical center laboratories of various cigarette factories, analysis of chemical composition of flue gas, etc.



1. The operation is simple and convenient

2. Display eye-catching

3. Accurate quantification

4. Accurate time control

5. Control Intelligence

6. Durable

7. Easy cleaning

8. Two cigarettes can be loaded at the same time, and cigarette smoking can be switched manually and automatically. Provide users with sufficient time to light and insert cigarettes.

9. Can realize deep breathing

10. Each index of the smoking machine completely conforms to the national smoking machine standard and the international standard

11. The whole instrument has completely independent intellectual property rights

12. Special smoking machine software, simple and intuitive operation interface





The Second Hospital of Hebei Medical University
Guangxi University of Science and Technology
Suzhou Cyto Bio-technology Co., Ltd.

2016: A mouse model of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and related pulmonary hypertension was established by oral and nasal exposure of tobacco smoke combined with lipopolysaccharide.

2016: Experimental Study on Acute Lung Injury Induced by Different Modes of Oral and Oral Smoking.

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