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Ten-Channel Turntable Smoking Machine

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Ten-Channel Turntable Smoking Machine

The product description


The instrument is a full-automatic smoke generator with the functions of automatic cigarette sorting, loading, cigarette lighting, automatic cigarette butts pushing out after burning to a set length, cigarette extinguishing, and cigarette refilling and loading. It improves the consistency of cigarette loading and experiments, greatly reduces the workload of users, and provides high-precision equipment for cigarette smoke analysis and toxicology experiments. The equipment meets ISO3308 and 4387 standard suction methods, and can be used for cigarette smoke exposure experiments or smoke chemical composition analysis. The independent control precision smoking piston is adopted, so that the smoking mode is flexible and free, and parameters can be independently set to meet the use in different occasions.



1. Simple operation: Controlled by the upper computer, the operation is more convenient and concise.

2. Conform to bell-shaped smoking curve: The smoking capacity of each mouth conforms to the international smoking machine standards (ISO 3308 and 4387), which is bell-shaped curve and simulates the way people smoke. The maximum value is between 0.8s and 1.2s after suction. Users can also set their own suction capacity according to experimental requirements. The suction capacity of the rotary table smoking machine is an adjustable device with an adjustable range of 0 ml—60 ml.

3. Automatic sorting: Cigarettes enter the horizontal placing device through the sorting device in the cigarette case and enter the state of being loaded with cigarettes.

4. Automatic cigarette loading: Cigarettes enter the horizontal device through the cigarette guide device, the cigarette loading cylinder is started, and the cigarettes are pushed into the turntable.

5. Automatic cigarette lighting: when the cigarette enters the turntable, the turntable moves to the corresponding position, and the cigarette lighter ignites the cigarette. at the same time, the smoking cylinder pushes the smoking nozzle into the turntable and starts smoking.

6. Automatic cigarette withdrawal: by setting the cigarette length sensor, the remaining length of the cigarette is detected by the cigarette length sensor during cigarette ignition. When the set length is detected, the smoke withdrawal cylinder withdraws the remaining cigarettes from the turntable.

7. Automatic cigarette extinguishment: The remaining cigarettes after burning exit the turntable and fall into the ashtray. The ashtray is filled with clear water to extinguish cigarette butts.

8. Smoking mode: According to the experimental requirements, the 10-channel smoking machine can realize four experimental modes including single-channel experiment, double-channel experiment, five-channel experiment and ten-channel experiment. Each experimental mode can select two smoking modes: smoking according to the number of smoking ports and smoking according to the burning length of cigarettes. Smoking by mouth is to change cigarettes automatically when the number of cigarettes per cigarette reaches the number set by the user. This mode can realize continuous smoking experiments. According to the burning length of cigarettes, each cigarette is automatically changed for smoking after burning to the preset burning length by the user. Users can flexibly select corresponding smoking modes according to experimental requirements.

9. Suction time: the suction time conforms to the international smoking machine standard (ISO 3308 standard), so that the time error of each suction is within +/-±0.005s s.

10. Durable: Surface treatment of all parts of the smoking machine can resist corrosion and oxidation.

11. Convenient cleaning: after smoking, wipe the instrument with water or alcohol to facilitate cleaning.

12. Easy maintenance:




ISO 3308 and 4387 standards







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China Institute for Radiation Protection

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