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Aerosol Electrostatic Neutralizer

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Aerosol Electrostatic Neutralizer

The product description


Aerosol electrostatic neutralizer is an instrument for eliminating the static electricity carried by aerosol particles. Dry air is ionized by an electrostatic elimination module to generate air rich in ions, which is then mixed with the aerosol to neutralize the charge carried by the aerosol particles and finally achieve the purpose of eliminating the static electricity carried by the aerosol particles.




The particle separation technology and filtration efficiency are evaluated for basic aerosol research.



01.Using corona discharge principle, no radioactive source;

02.Allow aerosol flow and concentration to be adjustable in a wide range;

03.Can be conveniently embedded into the existing test system.

04.The charge balance can reach ±10V.





Shenyang Fire Research  Institute of Men

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