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Aerosol Mass Concentration Detector

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Aerosol Mass Concentration Detector

The product description


Aerosol mass concentration meter is mainly used to detect the mass concentration of aerosol substances. Different from the traditional weighing method, the traditional weighing method requires a certain sampling time and is not suitable for real-time evaluation of concentration change trend. This measuring instrument is an ideal device for real-time particle concentration detection (unit: mg/m3). It is easy to carry and has a movable probe, so it can work in areas difficult to probe, making it not only suitable for fixed places, but also suitable for general measurement applications. Using forward light scattering principle, aerosol concentration can be measured accurately and repeatedly. It integrates the functions of light source emission, digital signal high-speed acquisition, effective signal automatic detection, data analysis and processing, real-time display of results, data output, etc. It is a new generation of intelligent measuring instrument developed independently by our company with stable performance, advanced technology and complete functions. 




01.Dust, PM10 and PM2. 5 can be monitored

02.Can be checked and corrected on site

03.Alkaline battery or dry battery

04.Wide measuring range: 0. 001 mg/m3-250 g/m3

05.Movable sampling head

06.Robust and durable design for harsh environments






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