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Aerosol Diluter

The product description


In toxicological experiments, it is often necessary to dilute aerosol particles in high concentration aerosol tests (especially particle size tests), and the particle size distribution should remain unchanged before and after aerosol dilution. General particle size measuring instruments have high sensitivity, high price and easy damage at high concentration. The use of aerosol diluter can effectively expand the application range of particle size testing instruments and prolong the service life of particle size testing instruments.

The working principle of the instrument: after the high concentration aerosol enters the inlet, a small part of the aerosol passes through the capillary tube with very fine middle, and most of the aerosol passes through the bypass high efficiency filter and becomes clean air. The two parts of air flow are evenly mixed at the end of the capillary tube. When the capillary and bypass flow ratio is fixed, a stable aerosol dilution ratio will be obtained.



This instrument is mainly used for particle size testing of high concentration aerosol and is equipped with a special adapter for connection with TSI 3321 particle size spectrometer. If it is required to match other particle size testing instruments, special adapters can be customized.




Maximum dilution ratio: 1:100

Applicable flow rate: 5L/min 5%

Power Requirements: Not Required

Material: SUS304 stainless steel

Overall dimensions: 278 mm long x 123mm wide x 190mm high

Matching hose: 6*9 silicone hose



Guizhou Institute of Analytical Testing

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