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PM2.5 Generator

The product description


The PM2.5 aerosol generator is an instrument that reduces PM2.5 powder samples to PM2.5 atmospheric particles, and can produce stable microgram level particulate aerosol. The instrument atomizes the suspension containing PM2.5 into aerosol droplets through liquid aerosol cold generation technology, and then introduces the aerosol droplets into a particle drying system. The solvent of the aerosol droplets is completely dried and absorbed, and the droplets are reduced into PM2.5 solid particles, thus forming PM2.5 aerosol with stable concentration.

The occurrence of PM2.5 particles in PM2.5 particle related research.

1. Produce stable low-concentration solid particulate aerosol.

2. Simple use, high reliability, good repeatability and simple maintenance.




Experimental conditions: ISO12103-A2 silica powder suspension, aerosol generation supply gas flow rate 2L/min, dilution gas flow rate 8L/min, PM2.5 mass concentration detector CEL-712.



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