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PM2.5 On-Line Concentrated Systemic Inhalation Exposure System For Animals

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PM2.5 On-Line Concentrated Systemic Inhalation Exposure System For Animals

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PM2.5 real-time online concentration whole-body exposure system has built a research technology platform for scientific workers to study the smog and human health effects of fine particles in polluted environment. The concentration of PM2.5 particles in the environment simulates the real environment in which people or animals are exposed to PM2.5, strictly controls the relevant factors (temperature, humidity, airflow, etc.) that affect particle deposition during inhalation exposure, can efficiently concentrate fine particles 6-10 times, and can meet the different needs of different researchers. The system consists of a PM2.5 real-time online sampling concentration system and an animal systemic inhalation exposure system.

Schematic diagram of instrument operation:









2017: Study on Pulmonary Lesions in Wistar Rats Induced by Fine Particulate Matter PM2.5

In 2019: Ambient PM2.5 caused depressive-like responses through Nrf2/NLRP3 signaling pathway modulating inflammation


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