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Film Wetting Machine

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Film Wetting Machine

The product description


HRH-RMJ886Film wetting machine is an instrument with independent intellectual property rights developed in combination with tobacco experimental requirements. It can uniformly wet Cambridge filter without blind spots. The amount of liquid applied to Cambridge filter can be freely adjusted (1~10 mL/piece) with an accuracy of ±0.1mL.The film wetting liquid can be freely replaced and can be used for film wetting experiments of crotonaldehyde and phenol. The film wetting machine can perform vacuumizing operation to volatilize organic solvents such as ethanol, acetonitrile and the like, such as a film wetting experiment for carbonyl compound detection. His instrument can moisten 44mm and 92mm Cambridge filters, and can easily take out Cambridge filters with applied liquid.




01.   Detection of Seven Harmful Substances in Cigarette Smoke in Central Laboratory of Chinese Tobacco Technology

02.   Study on Trapping Atmospheric Particulate Matter



01. Spray evenly: The high-level nonlinear equation is adopted to control the rotating speed when spraying the diaphragm, so as to ensure uniform spraying at all points of the diaphragm without blind spots.

02. High degree of automation:The whole system is tested and controlled by industrial computer.

03. High accuracy:Accurate control is realized through a peristaltic pump with high precision.

04. Anti-corrosion design:Anti-corrosion materials are selected for the key components, making the instrument suitable for more samples.


05. Convenient design:A large number of parts are compact and reasonable in layout, the telescopic design of the operation panel, ultra-thin rotating boxes, etc. The volume and weight of the film wetting device are reduced to the minimum, and the film wetting device is convenient to carry.





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