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Precision Injection Instrument for Flavor And Fragrance

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Precision Injection Instrument for Flavor And Fragrance

The product description


HRH-186KPrecision Injection Instrument of Flavor and Fragrance is mainly applicable to various tobacco research institutions. It is an experimental instrument that injects flavor and fragrance into cigarettes to change the taste of cigarettes or filter tips and to carry out biosafety evaluation work of adding flavor and fragrance to cigarettes. The product can be controlled by a computer to complete the functions of automatic cigarette sorting, automatic cigarette loading, automatic cigarette rotation and automatic cigarette unloading, and can also complete the functions of automatic liquid supplement, automatic injection, automatic cleaning, liquid discharge and the like of essence and spice. Automatic cleaning can select two kinds of cleaning liquids and four cleaning modes. The injection length of the product is controlled accurately. Manual operation and automatic injection modes can be set, while single injection and double injection modes are available to adapt to different production speeds. The product has the functions of inquiring historical data, printing and exporting, and can automatically prompt the current operation state, operation state and error information of the instrument. In addition, the product can automatically measure and record the temperature and humidity of the experiment.




It is suitable for cigarette flavor research and other tobacco research institutions in various Chinese tobacco technology centers.




This product has several unique patented technologies of Huirong and Science and Technology to ensure accurate injection dose and reliable operation of the instrument. This product uses nm-class movable platform as the movable platform for syringes. The AC servo motor is selected to match the high precision driver, and the programmable high resolution rotary incremental encoder is selected as the feedback signal unit of speed and position. PID adjustment and intelligent fuzzy control technology are adopted to ensure the injection accuracy. The organic combination of precision machinery and servo motor control, electronic control and computer control makes every mechanical component, every executive component and every control unit perfectly match.


01. Injection accuracy: high-precision linear motion parts are selected in the transmission structure of the whole machine to ensure the motion reliability and injection accuracy of the transmission unit. The injection accuracy of this instrument is 0.001 mm.


0.2 Accurate positioning: high precision platform and precision control ensure accurate positioning of injection position, with positioning accuracy reaching 0.005 mm.

03. High production efficiency: the cigarette automatic clamping and rotating module adopts a row cigarette supporting structure. Group injection can be performed. The injection efficiency is doubled. This instrument can inject 2 cigarettes at a time with a production capacity of 12 cigarettes per minute.


04. Control Intelligence: The design of the liquid injection module adopts the design idea of low inertia, high speed and high acceleration. Through strict selection and testing of the driving components, the innovative automatic sampling and cleaning functions are realized.


05. Powerful function: This product has three fragrance absorption modes and two injection modes ensure high efficiency and high quality experiments. The three manual operation modes fully consider all operation requirements of users. Micro syringes of three specifications can be freely replaced, which greatly facilitates the operation of users. Three specifications of injection needles are suitable for injection of cigarettes of various specifications. The experimental scheme can be created in unlimited quantity, searched automatically, saved automatically, stored with mass data, and the system can automatically save the experimental historical data for 5 years.


06. Simple operation: the product is highly intelligent and has a superior man-machine interface, which makes the user's operation easy and pleasant. After selecting the experimental scheme, the "automatic mode" button makes it easier for the whole experimental process to proceed automatically. Real-time prompt for operation status, operation status and error information; the experimental scheme is stored by itself, the experimental data are automatically saved, and the experimental data are intelligently exported. He pain of complicated operation of similar instruments abroad is avoided.



07. Simple maintenance: syringe replacement is simple, and online syringe cleaning can be realized through industrial control computer. The replacement of the injection needle is simple and can ensure that the position will not change after replacement. The perfume bottle is convenient to move and can be directly put into an ultrasonic device for cleaning. Various disinfection methods can be used for disinfection.






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