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Burley Tobacco Shred Baking Device

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Burley Tobacco Shred Baking Device

The product description


Technical centers of various cigarette factories need to produce experimental small batches of baked tobacco shreds in order to carry out experiments on the quality of tobacco shreds with different lining ratios, so as to provide reliable data for the lining ratios of large batches of finished tobacco shreds.  The experimental device for baking burley tobacco shreds developed by Beijing Huironghe Technology Co., Ltd. can realize the baking of small batches of baked tobacco shreds, accurately simulate the work flow of the production line, accurately control the thickness, temperature and baking time of the three-stage baked tobacco shreds, and complete the collection of baked tobacco shreds at the same time.



01. Patent technology is adopted to solve the problem that the baked tobacco shreds in the technical center of the existing cigarette factory cannot truly simulate the working condition of the production line.

02. The thickness of cut tobacco layer is accurately controlled, with an accuracy of 1 mm.

03. Stable production, adjustable speed of 0.08m/s minimum, maximum conveying speed of 0.8 m/s.

04. After tobacco shred is baked, it will automatically fall into the collecting tray without manual grabbing, which is convenient for collection.

05. It has temperature and humidity transmitters to detect and record the temperature and humidity of the whole production process.

06. Industrial-level integrated industrial control computer is adopted, with touch screen operation, stable performance, convenient operation, small and beautiful appearance, and equipped with universal adjustable bracket.

07. Excellent man-machine interface and highly intelligent control software are adopted, with friendly and beautiful interface and simple user operation.

08. High efficiency heating fan is adopted, with stable performance and accurate adjustment.

09 adopts highperformance heat insulation materials, effectively blocking heat transmission to the outer surface.

10. High-temperature-resistant and explosion-proof glass and threeproof LED lighting lamps can be used to clearly observe the internal state.

11. The structure of brush and brush roller is adopted to realize the selfcleaning of the instrument without manually cleaning the chain plate.

12. The mechanical structure is reasonably simplified and mature mechanical modules are adopted to ensure the reliability of system production and reduce system faults.



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