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Full-Automatic Culture Medium Subpackaging Instrument

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Full-Automatic Culture Medium Subpackaging Instrument

The product description


The full-automatic culture medium subpackaging instrument is an intelligent instrument that integrates the functions of quantitative culture medium subpackaging, automatic stacking/stacking of culture dishes and high-pressure steam sterilizer. The invention can provide a sterile, accurate quantitative and unattended culture medium preparation and subpackaging system, which is mainly used for the preparation, sterilization and aseptic subpackaging processes of solid culture medium plates, such as automatic subpackaging of bacterial nutrient agar culture medium and automatic subpackaging of fungal Shashi solid culture medium.



The instrument is widely used in many fields such as hospitals, food, environment, disease control, scientific research, inspection, third-party detection, etc. It realizes automatic quantitative preparation of solid culture medium plates for microbial culture, improves test efficiency, and reduces repeated mechanical operations of personnel.



01.4.3 inch color touch screen, humanized UI interface design, simple and intuitive operation.

02.With flow calibration function.

033It has the functions of anti-drip and compensation to avoid liquid leakage during filling.

04.High-precision peristaltic pump, accurate quantification and quick repackaging.

05.The suction cup uncovers the cover design, prevents the dish body and the dish cover from not separating, has stable operation, high reliability and strong adaptability to the culture dish.

06.Built-in ultraviolet lamp, optional special ultra-clean table, make the whole instrument in a completely clean environment, ensure aseptic environment.

07.Multi-station design, split charging and petri dish stacking simultaneously, high efficiency.

08.The multi-station turntable is detachable, making cleaning and maintenance more convenient.

09.Multiple automatic protection, one-touch start of split charging, no need for personnel on duty.

10.Integrated high pressure steam sterilizer (optional); The automatic operation of autoclaving and quantitative subpackaging of the culture medium is realized.





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