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Program Cooling Box

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Program Cooling Box

The product description

This product is a patented product independently developed by Beijing Beijing Huironghe Technology Co., Ltd. This program cooling box is made of high quality ultra-low temperature resistant PE material. Excellent performance, simple operation, slow cooling at 1per minute, and greatly improved fine survival rate. 7 frozen storage tubes of 1.0-2.0 ml can be placed.



Cryopreservation of various cell types, including stem cells, primary cells and cell lines.



01.No isopropyl alcohol need to be added, which is more environment-friendly and convenient.

02.Suitable for storing samples at -80℃.

03.It is suitable for cryopreservation of stem cells, primary cells and cell lines.



Model: HRH-866            Specifications: diameter × height: φ 93 × 90 mm



Beijing Biosynthesis Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Wuhan BRD Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Gene-Health Biochip Tech. Co., Ltd.

Institute of Chinese Materia Medica China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences



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