Liquid Aerosol Generator


Inhalation Toxicology Research, Aerobiology, Aerosol Research, Biohazard Testing, Filter Performance Evaluation, Inhalation Immunity, Inhalation Therapy, Drug Research, Environmental Evaluation, Biological and Chemical Hazard Assessment, Medical Protection.







Adopt compressed air as energy source to atomize liquid samples into aerosols without heat, liquid aerosol generator can uniformly and stably generate aerosol particles with median particle size between 1-3μm. Spare parts are made of PTFE, stainless steel and borosilicate glass, etc., which are corrosion-resistant, high-temperature resistant and easy to clean.

Aerosol particle size distribution is MMAD1-3μm, GSD1.5-3 which meets OECD TG 403 Acute Inhalation Toxicity (2009) and other standards.

Atomized by compressed air without heat generation, liquid samples can be generated into even and stable aerosol.

Applicable to various water-soluble and oil-soluble liquid samples and suspensions with
some stable fine particles.

Applicable to aerosol generating from rare samples in large dose.

Applicable to microbial aerosol generation with minimal damage to microorganisms, and can be applied in animal inhalation infection models and related research.

Made of medical-grade SS316L, PTFE and high borosilicate glass, which are anti-corrosion and can be autoclaved.

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