Slit Impact PM2.5 Online Enrichment System


Relationship studies between environmental particulate pollution and human health effects.

Animal haze pathogenesis modeling.

Modeling, pathogenesis and drug intervention mechanism of asthma, airway hyperresponsiveness, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pulmonary fibrosis, acute/neonatal respiratory distress syndrome and acute pulmonary injury.







The instrument is used to extract hazy atmosphere from outdoors in real time, concentrate and enrich PM2.5 content in atmosphere up to 6-10 times, then used for inhalation exposure tests.

Real-time online sampling and enrichment of PM2.5 in environment, simulating exposure of animals in high PM2.5 concentration weather.

Avoid PM2.5 particle contamination and particles physical damage caused by ultrasonic separation, membrane shedding and VOC loss existing in traditional membrane collection methods, retain harmful substances on PM2.5 particles and maintain particle size in the process.

Particle size concentration 0.1-2.5μm by 6-10 times, output flow rate up to 40-60 L/min.

Can be connected to rodent whole-body exposure system to perform PM2.5 high-concentration inhalation exposure tests.

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