Flavor and Fragrance Precision Injector (Small)


Used for injecting flavor and fragrance into cigarettes to change taste and perform biosafety evaluation tests of adding flavors and fragrances in technical centers of cigarette factories, tobacco research institute, etc.







The product is mainly used in tobacco research organizations to inject flavors and fragrances into cigarettes to change taste of cigarettes or filters as well as perform biosafety evaluation tests of adding flavor and fragrance to cigarettes. It adopts intelligent, modular, lightweight design with compact and exquisite structure. It can complete actions automatically including sorting, loading, rotation, unloading, flavor and fragrance filling, injecting, etc. Function modules can be freely changed to adapt to cigarettes with different lengths and diameters, covering all types of cigarettes on market including E-cigarettes.

Sample diameter: φ4.5-φ8.2, also fit for regular diameter, fine and ultra-fine cigarettes.

Sample length: 40-100mm for IQOS cigarettes and ultra-long cigarettes.

Injection speed: as fast as 6 cigarettes per minute.

Injection volume: min. 0.1ul.

Injection depth: 1mm-80mm.

Injection error range: within 1% of injected dose.

Bin capacity: 500 pcs (dia. 8mm) or 900 pcs (dia. 5.2mm).

Injection mode: cigarette stick injection mode, fixed length uniform injection mode, single-point injection mode, spiral injection mode.

Automated flavor and fragrance filling: 3 bottles of flavor can be placed at one time, 4000ul per bottle.

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