Multi-concentration Nose-only Inhalation Exposure System for Rodents


Drug Safety Evaluation;

Respiratory Disease Modeling and Drug Efficacy Evaluation;

Chemicals and Pesticide Safety Evaluation;

Hazard Assessment and Radioactive Substances Protection;

Inhalation Immunity and Environment Assessment;

Military Medicine and Aerospace Medicine.







The instrument is used to conduct nose-only exposure tests for rodents, including inhalation exposure tests with multiple concentration doses of bioaerosols, chemical aerosols and smoke, etc. By generating 3 to 5 concentration doses simultaneously, it initially and internationally realizes generating aerosol at one time by single aerosol source, ensuring the consistency of aerosol sources of different test groups as well as reducing sample consumption. In addition, after setting different test doses on software, the system can automatically detect and adjust to target concentration.

Realize inhalation exposure test of homologous gases, vapors or mixtures with 3 to 5 concentration gradients.

Unique vortex mixing and dilution technology makes the concentration of inhalation test substances uniform and stable for all layers’ animals. The evenness and stability error of each exposure port's mass concentration during tests for gas is within ±8%, for liquid aerosol is within ±10%, while for dust aerosol is within ±20%, which conforms to technical requirements of OECD inhalation guidelines.

Negative pressure protection system can guarantee the safety of personnel.

Space-saving, low energy consumption and sample consumption.

Max. 5 times concentration gradient can be realized.

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