Dust Aerosol Generator


Inhalation toxicology test: pesticide and chemical inhalation poisoning tests. Coal, mining and other environmental fine particle inhalation toxicology tests. other powder particles and drug inhalation research.

Particle flow field tracing: LDA. L2F, flow visualization.

Filter testing: dust contains capacity testing, grading efficiency curve, total efficiency curve.

Aerosol testing instrument calibration: dust detector, particle size spectrometer, etc.







Adopted rotating brush principle, dust aerosol generator produces high-speed airflow edge force through equal area gradient hyperboloid technology, powder particles will be sheared and dispersed into uniform distribution of inhalable aerosol. Generated dust aerosol MMAD: 1-4μm (ISO 12103-A2 dust test), GSD: 1.5-3. Container capacity is 300ml.

Computerized control and friendly human-machine interface: whole system is monitored and controlled by industrial touch screen, and friendly interface makes it easy to use. Adopt smart design, unable to start instrument or stop working to reduce damage to instrument when gas source pressure insufficient is detected. Software interface displays real-time parameters (e.g., gas pressure, gas flow, powder mass flow, theoretical concentration, remaining working time, feeding speed, etc.) so that user is clear about instrument running status.

Adjustable and precise control of dust feeding speed: dust feeding speed is adjustable in range of 0.003-5mm/min, which can accurately and quantitatively generate aerosols of different concentrations of dust to meet different test needs.

Smart identification and display: system can automatically identify current amount of dust loaded, calculate and display remaining working time in real time according to set sample feeding speed, and will automatically stop working when sample is used up.

Gas flow adjustment: user can adjust concentration of generated dust aerosol, by adjusting electronic flow meter and precision valve to control gas flow.

Real-time theoretical concentration display: system automatically calculates and displays theoretical concentration of aerosol in real time according to detected gas flow rate and powder mass flow rate.

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