Fully Automated Ames Test System


Mutagenic tests for food, healthcare products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and new compounds.







Designed by the standard procedure of Ames test (bacterial reverse mutation test), fully automated Ames test system can complete actions automatically including bottom medium dispensing, sample adding, pipettꢀing, mixing and plate spreading, etc. As no personnel involvement, it greatly reduces labor costs and errors at the beginning of Ames test thus achieves higher efficiency and accuracy.

1. Throughput: 5 gradient concentrations, 2 solvent controls and 1 positive control, can place 6 positive controls simultaneously.

2.Solve the problems of hot hands and big errors exist in manual operation, achieve higher efficiency and more accurate dispensing.

3.Rapid Vortex Mixing.

4.Temp Control for Reagent Storage: realize top medium heating and S9 cooling with all temp adjustable.

5.Dot Marking: adopt dot marking method to record and distinguish different samples and different doses of petri dishes. Marking comparison table can be issued automatically post-test.

6. Each parallel sample contains individual tubes and pipette tips. Waste pipette tips are isolated from the new one.

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