Negative Pressure Monkey Cage








Model HRH-BRS1202 and HRH-BRS2204 negative pressure monkey case is mainly used for monkey feeding and isolation in biosafety laboratories, the instrument can prevent environmental pollution from pathogenic microorganisms and keep personnel safe. It has been applied in China CDC.

Model HRH-BRS1202 for feeding 2 monkeys, HRH-BRS2204 for 4 monkeys.

Whole body is welded by SS304.

Number of air changes:>15 times/h.

Cage design meets the requirements of RB199-2015 for non-airtight animal isolation equipment.

The window at the front door is convenient for observing. Left and right transparent windows allow monkeys to see each other to eliminate psychological loneliness.

Each feeding space is relatively independent to avoid cross-infection.

Air inlet and outlet are equipped with HEPA filters with efficiency higher than 99.99%. HEPA filters can be sterilized and detect leakage in place.

Equipped with hydrogen peroxide sterilization port.

Differential pressure inside the isolator is adjustable from 0-100Pa.

With the detection and alarm function of cabinet pressure difference, filter pressure difference, temperature and humidity, ammonia concentration; ammonia concentration detection: ≤14mg/m3.

Three switchable modes: sterilization mode, working mode and safety mode.

Illumination of laboratory operating lamp: ≥200Lx.

Functioned with day and night alternate, switchable between 12/12 and 10/14.

Low-noise EBM centrifugal fan made in Germany ensures reliable operation.

Foldable design monkey cage can be reduced to 1/5 after folding. Multi-cages can be autoclaved at the same time to improve sterilization efficiency.

The cage size meets requirements of GB14925-2010.

Equipped with squeezing device with min. squeezing distance less than 50mm with easy operation.

Front door can be opened, which is convenient for test preparation and sterilization as well as cleaning after test.

Equipped with lights to facilitate observation.

Equipped with a light-weighted and convenient waster tray under the cage.

The monkey cage surface is exquisite by electrolytic polishing.

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