Biosafety Isolator








With fully closed work area separated from operator by a physical barrier, the instrument is suitable for ABSL-3 or ABSL-4 laboratories and characterized by higher protection performance and versatility. Cages can be selected according to test requirements to isolate poultry, ferrets, rabbits, monkeys and other laboratory animals.

Isolator is made of stainless steel with simple, smooth surface and round corners for easy cleaning.

Compliant with RB/T 199-2015 Technical code for evaluating biosafety performance of laboratory equipment.

The operation window adopts ergonomics 5° tilt angle design.

Negative pressure inside the isolator is not less than 120Pa.

PLC control, easy to set, operate and maintain.

Class H14 HEPA filters can perform leakage detection and sterilization in place.

Airflow rate of glove connection port reaches 0.7m/s after removing one glove. Ensure airflow direction of glove port inward and without emission when glove is accidentally fallen off or broken.

The door has inflatable sealing strip to ensure airtightness and interlock for safety.

With pressure monitoring and alarm function.

Stable and energy-saving fan with noise <67dB (A).

Passing window: articles can be passed through a self-clean passing window.

With hydrogen peroxide sterilization port.

Hydrogen peroxide sterilizer.

Humidifying and humidity control.

Heating adjustment.

Animal Illumination adjustment.

Cleaning water gun.

Built-in WIFI HD camera.

Monkey breeding cage (2 monkeys/set), ferret breeding cage (4 ferrets/set), poultry breeding cage (5 poultries/set), rabbit breeding cage (4 rabbits/set), etc. Cage size meets animal welfare and can be customized. 

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