Gas Poisoner for Rodents


Environmental Toxicology; Drug Toxicology; Radiological Toxicology.

Food Toxicology; Industrial Toxicology; Veterinary Toxicology; Military Toxicology.







The instrument can be used to conduct acute and chronic rodent exposure tests under environments of toxic and hazardous gases, as well as toxic and hazardous gas exposure tests of rodents under high and low oxygen/pressure/mixed environments.

With abundant gas sampling ports and powerful sampling expansion functions, gases (e.g., smoke, formaldehyde, benzene, radon, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide) can be used as poisoning gases.

The instrument can be used for acute exposure, chronic exposure, low pressure, high pressure, low oxygen, high oxygen and other gas exposure tests.

Pressure difference, oxygen concentration, poisonous gas concentration and other indexes in exposure environment can be precisely controlled.

All parameters are real-time monitored, their values and curves are dynamically displayed. Real-time alarm and record, historical data and curves are automatically saved. Historical report query, printing and data exporting are simple.

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