Fully Automated QuEChERS System


Applicable to detections by QuEChERS method, such as pesticide residue detections on plant-origin food, herbs, tobacco and imported & exported agricultural products, tea and herbs, etc.







Though QuEChERS pesticide residue preparation method is widely employed, it is labor-intensive, inefficient, error-prone, and poorly reproducible when the sample quantity is large. Fully automatic QuEChERS system integrates multiple functions including automated liquid /salt /ceramic homogenizer feeding, oscillating, vortexing, centrifuging, ice bath, and precision pipetting. It can handle 32, 40, or 60 samples in a single test. With simple operation and no personnel involvement, it can avoid manual errors, ensure accuracy and stability of detection, realize fully automated detection, and improve test efficiency.

1. Fully Automated Design: the system established a standard preparation process for QuEChERS method. After placing samples and test tubes, the system can carry out actions automatically such as oscillating, vortexing, centrifugating, and pipetting.

2. Automated Salt and Ceramic Homogenizer Feeding: the user-defined system can realize automatic and accurate feeding of mixed salt.

3. Oscillating Compatibility: four test tubes oscillate simultaneously with adjustable speed and time. The structure is compatible with 50ml/15ml test tubes.

4. Horizontal Centrifuge Module: integrate 4-rotor horizontal centrifuge and is compatible with 50ml/15ml test tubes simultaneously, with adjustable centrifugal time and speed.

5. Dual-channel Vortex Module: each channel is driven independently and vortex time is adjustable.

6. High-precision Pipetting Robot Arm: integrate high-precision pipetting module with precise liquid-level detection.

7. Automated Tip Replacement: replace tips for each pipetting to avoid cross-contamination.

8. Intelligent Syringe Pump: equipped with an 8-way switching valve, which can fully meet liquid filling requirements in routine tests. Real-time tube-level monitoring guarantees pipetting accuracy and reliability.

9. Ice Bath: Meet requirements of ChP2020.

10. Multi-directional Fault Monitoring: can monitor real-time failures of centrifugal weight match, cap screw/unscrew, tube delivering, ceramic homogenizer feeding, and other failures during operation, and feedback to the user interface in time.

11. Multi-terminal Remote Monitoring: monitor software main interface and real-time internal operation remotely via mobile phone and computer.

GB 23200.113-2018 National Food Safety Standard-Determination of 208 pesticides and metabolites residues in foods of plant origin-Gas chromatography-tadem mass spectrometry method.

GB 23200.121-2021 National Food Safety Standard-Determination of 331 pesticides and metabolites residues in foods of plant origin-Liquid chromatograph-tadem mass spectrometry method.

Pharmacopoeia of the People’s Republic of China 2020 Edition (volume Ⅳ) 2341 Pesticide multi-residue determination method fourth method, Pesticide multi-residue determination method (mass spectrometry method) fifth method, Method for the determination of multi-residues of pesticides banned in medicinal materials and tablets (plant).

AOAC 2007.01 Determination of pesticide residues in food using acetonitrile extraction and magnesium sulfate separation.

EN 15662:2008 Food of plant origin - Determination of pesticide residues in food by acetonitrile extraction/separation and dispersive solid phase extraction cleanup QuEChERS method combined with GC-MS and/or LC-MS/MS determination of pesticide residues.

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