Single Concentration Cell Exposure System


Smoke Inhalation and Health Studies; Environmental and Health Effects of Chemical Pesticides.

Impacts on Environment and Health of Air Particulate Matter and Microorganisms. Health Evaluation of Indoor Gases.

Research on Biosafety Evaluation of Nanomaterials; Health Impacts of Industrial Chemicals.

Research on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Lung Cancer and Other Related Diseases; Pharmaceutical Product Related Research.







Single concentration cell exposure system is a multi-channel system for in vitro exposure of respirable substances based on ALI (Air-Liquid Interface) technology. The system can accurately control sample dilution and exposure flow rate. Flow rate of each channel is evenly distributed. Static or dynamic medium supply and thermostatic environment are provided for testing cells and can complete multiple cell exposure parallel samples in single test.

ALI- Air-Liquid Interface Exposure.

Exposure flow rate of single channel 5-20ml.

Aerosol concentration online monitoring.

Flow control accuracy ±1%F.S.

Compatible with quartz crystal microbalance.

Compatible with 6-channel and 12-channel transwell chambers.

Water bath temp control accuracy ±0.3℃.

Optional clean bench / safety cabinet to provide clean exposure environment.

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