Biosafety Nose-only Exposure System for Rodents








The instrument is nose-only aerosol inhalation infection equipment for rodents combined with high-level biosafety protection. Key components are nose-only exposure system and Class III BSC cabinet. Applicable to nose-only exposure tests for rodents (e.g., mice, rats, guinea pigs, ferrets, rabbits, etc.) with same dose under non-anesthesia conditions. Meanwhile, Class III BSC cabinet keeps personnel, laboratory and environment safe during virulent pathogens tests.

Animal adaptability: mice, rats, guinea pigs, ferrets, rabbits etc.

Exposure environment monitoring: exposure room temp, humidity, pressure difference, carbon dioxide concentration, and oxygen concentration can be monitored in real-time during tests, compliant with the requirements of inhalation guidelines.

Parameters real-time monitoring: aerosol generation flow rate, dilution flow rate, sampling flow rate, pumping flow rate, poisoning time, remaining time, etc.

Adopt a high-precision gas mass flow controller, which fully meets the requirements of gas flow accuracy in inhalation exposure tests.

Class III BSC cabinet: compact design in stainless steel, excellent corrosion resistance, large rounded corners ensure no cleaning of dead corners. Double-sided design allows multi-users to operate together.

Integrated safety design: integrated design of the Class III BSC cabinet and exposure tower mainly includes safety program coordinated control, sterilization and purification program setting, corrosion-resistant sensors, double HEPA filtration, intelligent pressure difference control, internal and external interlock, startup self-test, etc.

Advanced technology platform: simulate natural infection of respiratory pathogen, provide an advanced evaluation platform for pathogenic microorganism inhalation infection, vaccine aerosol immunity, lung drug delivery and aerosol challenge evaluation for vaccine or drug.

Nose-only inhalation infection: avoid other exposure pathways such as digestive tract and skin, which conform to the natural infection pathway of respiratory pathogens.

Concentration uniformity and stability: adopt orthogonal dilution patented technology (CN201310351052.9), and consider hydrodynamics and other key parameters comprehensively to ensure microbial concentration is stable and uniformly distributed. The stability and uniformity of microbial aerosol deviation is less than ±20%.

Software function: equipped with functions of user classified management, audit trail, data unerasable, etc., which meet requirements of GLP laboratories. It can carry out parameter settings, real-time monitoring and environmental parameters recording during tests, as well as real-time alarms and recording of abnormalities.

Test data output: all experimental data can be stored and accessed, and reports can be issued automatically after test.

Dimensions of Class III BSC cabinet

Less than 3100*900*2250mm

Dimensions of Class III BSC cabinet working area


Operation sides of Class III BSC cabinet


Filter precision



Lower than 67db

Exposure ports of 2 layers exposure tower

24 ports

Flow rate of 3-hole aerosol generator


Particle size of liquid aerosol

MMAD1-3μm, GSD:1.5-3

Humidity of exposure chamber during test


Oxygen concentration in exposure chamber


Carbon dioxide concentration in exposure chamber


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