E-Cigarette Smoking Generator


Applicable to R&D centers of various electronic cigarette companies, smoking tests and chemical composition analysis of smoke in National Inspection Institute, toxicology research centers, animal E-cigarettes poisoning tests and respiratory center laboratories of hospitals, etc.







Compliant with E-cigarette smoking test methods of domestic and international standards (e.g., GB 41700-2022 Electronic Cigarette, France XP D90-300-3), E-cigarette smoking machine adopts precise mechanical movement and electronic control module, it can be used for E-cigarette life test, vaping mouthpiece test, battery life test, smoking resistance test and other performance tests. It can also be used for E-cigarette gas trapping analysis and gas poisoning tests.

Standard smoking capacity 55.0 ± 0.5mL.

Standard smoking frequency 30.0 ± 0.3s.

User-defined smoking capacity 15-60ml.

User-defined smoking frequency 10-240s.

Standard vaping curve (optional multiple curves).

E-cigarette tilt angle 0-90° to ensure complete heating of tobacco oil.

Strong adaptability, sealed adapter can be customized according to different holders in different shapes.

Independent control of smoking in each channel, synchronized vaping, asynchronous vaping, and individually setting vaping parameters.

Configurated with Cambridge membrane clip, which is compatible with smoke trapper and meets various test requirements.

Integrated smoking resistance detection and real-time recording of e-cigarette smoking resistance (For 4-channel and 10-channel).

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