Negative Pressure Dissection Cabinet








Designed and manufactured for biosafety requirements of small and medium-sized animal dissection, the cabinet not only has basic functions of animal dissection but also a biosafety protection system. It prevents bioaerosol leakage generated from dissection and keeps personnel and environment safe.

Whole body is made of SS304, delicate and corrosion-resistant plastic spraying treated on the outer surface.

Equipped with double-sided windows in ergonomic inclination design, easy for operation.

Average airflow rate in single working window≥0.5m/s.

Airflow mode: airflow at all positions of the working window is inward and without emission.

Adopt negative pressure exhaust design in working area, with max. volume of 1500m³/h, which allows indoor exhaust.

Equipped with EBM fan with low energy consumption and stable performances.

Adopt Class H14 HEPA filters with efficiency≥99.99%.

Exhaust HEPA filter can perform leak detection and sterilization in place.

Two 220V/10A waterproof sockets on the side of working area, convenient to use.

Two UV lights on the side of working area for ultraviolet sterilization.

Concave design working table has 3 trays for easy cleaning.

Working table has a sink for easy washing and waste collection.

Pressurized bag or airtight bin can be attached to the bottom of sink for waste transfer.

With two faucets and handy water guns above the sink for easy cleaning working table.

Alarm system: glass door height alarms, filter pressure alarms, etc.

Power supply: AC220V/50Hz.

Dimensions: 1500*820*2220mm.

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