Dynamic Whole-body Exposure System for Rodents


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The instrument can be used to conduct inhalation exposure tests of rodents (rats, mice, guinea pigs, etc.) exposure to gas, vapor, liquid aerosols, solid aerosols, nanoparticle aerosols, etc.

The evenness and stability error of animal respiratory tract for gas is within ±8%, for liquid aerosol is within ±10%, while for dust aerosol is within ±20%, which conforms to technical requirements of OECD inhalation guidelines.

Aerosol particle size distribution is MMAD1-3μm, GSD1.5-3.

The temp, humidity, oxygen and carbon dioxide concentration of exposure chamber during test meet requirements of relevant inhalation guidelines.

One cage for one rat inhalation exposure structure can perform 20-80 rats test simultaneously.

Real-time monitor temp, humidity, pressure difference, oxygen and carbon dioxide concentration of exposure chamber during tests. Parameters can be controlled according to requirements of laboratory, such as air inlet flow, dilution flow, sampling flow, exhaust flow, poisoning time, remaining time, etc.

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