Liquid Cyclonic High-flow Bioaerosol Sampler


Evaluation of public health and hygiene. Evaluation of medical sites and facilities. Evaluation of workplaces, buildings and indoor areas. Evaluation of bioaerosols generated at industrial sites. Evaluation of airborne biodiversity. Evaluation of bioaerosol contamination of livestock facilities and farms. Environmental evaluation of food processing and cosmetics industries. Sterility evaluation of pharmaceutical production.







The instrument is a portable bioaerosol sampler based on wet-wall cyclone principle. It can collect bioaerosol particles into liquid form, which can be used together with rapid microbiological analysis method to overcome limitations of traditional bioaerosol sampling methods, with a sampling flow volume up to 300 LPM. Therefore, it is more typical than traditional bioaerosol sampler.

Complied with ISO14698-1 General International Standard for Biocontamination Control, it is ideal for air pollution control in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, hospital and healthcare industries. With exquisite design, compact appearance, portable and humanized HMI, it can collect air biological particles reliably.

Sample collection form is liquid with highly flexible sample post-processing.

High-speed airflow rate up to 300L/min with 50/level adjustable, effective collection of low particle size particles, e.g., viruses and bacteria.

Simple program setting, air flow rate, collection time, and delayed start can be set.

Main parts are detachable for autoclaving or sterilization.

Exquisite design, compact appearance, portable and humanized HMI.

Compatibility: non-culture method PCR, IA, cell counting, ATP-bioluminescence assay, etc.

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