Portable High-flow Bioaerosol Sampler


Bus Stations, Railway Stations, Subways, Airports, Schools and Other Public Places. Clean Rooms, Hospitals, Clean Factories and Other Indoor Air Quality Monitoring. Customs and Military Border Defense. Food Processing. Livestock Farms, Breeding Farms, Farmers Markets and Other Fields.







The instrument is a biological aerosol sampler based on the wet-wall cyclone principle, featuring a high flow rate, high efficiency, and portability. It can collect biological particles, suspended particulate matter, and chemical gases soluble in water for subsequent testing and analysis.

The sampling tube is detachable, different sampling tubes can be replaced in different sampling environments to avoid sample cross-contamination. Equipped with multiple sampling tubes for simultaneous sampling and sterilizing. Sampling flow rates up to 350 LPM, are better than conventional bioaerosol samplers.

1. Sample collection form is liquid with highly flexible sample post-processing.

2. High-speed airflow rate up to 350L/min, effectively collects low particle size particles, such as viruses and bacteria.

3. Simple program setting, sampling time, delayed time and other parameters can be set easily.

4. Removable sampling tubes and related parts can be sterilized.

5. Exquisite design, compact appearance, portable and humanized HMI.

6. Compatibility: culture methods, PCR, IA, cell counting, ATP-bioluminescence assay, etc.

7. Data storage: temp/atmospheric pressure/sampling volume/start and stop time, up to 1000 data items can be stored.

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