Mini Smart Sterilizer Robot


Buildings, Hotels, Schools, Shopping Malls, Railway Stations, Airports, Office Areas, Hospitals, Service Halls and Museums.







Adopted high-efficiency atomized nozzle, positioning and navigation system, mini smart sterilizer robot can move to designated area automatically, sterilizes and purifies ambient air effectively. Purification effect is up to 99.9%. In addition, it provides users with one-button disinfection option via a key panel. It also functioned with humanized liquid level display on one side of the body, spraying light on top of the body, voice prompts for key status, three-dimensional obstacle avoidance, as well as built-in wifi and 4G communication for remote control.

2.6L/H large spray volume: 12L water tank, quickly sterilize each corner at speed 2.6L per hour.

Auto charging: low battery automated recharge without personnel involvement.

Intelligent obstacle avoidance: real-time monitoring, automated avoidance of obstacles, punctual arrival.

Precise sterilization: 360° full coverage ensures no dead corners, sterilization rate >99.9%.

APP operation: easy to use, easy to deploy task, man-machine separation, support for timed /instant sterilization.

Multiple application: support different disinfectants, applicable to various application scenarios.

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