Bag-In Bag-Out HEPA Filter








Bag-in bag-out HEPA filter is a crucial protective equipment in biosafety laboratories. It effectively prevents toxic and harmful microorganisms, pathogenic bacteria in laboratories and workshops from being emitted. Filter replacement by the bag-in-bag-out method effectively reduces exposure risk to personnel. It is mainly used in high-risk or high isolation requirements fields, such as pharmaceutical projects, vaccine workshop exhaust, animal house ventilation, biosafety laboratory ventilation, hospital isolation area exhaust, nuclear power station and fuel treatment, etc.

Adopt anti-leakage structure, welded by high-quality stainless steel, and all welds are treated in a special way to ensure tight sealing. Minute leakage rate is not more than 0.1% of net volume under±1000Pa pressure.

No permanent structural deformation under -2500Pa pressure for 60min, pressure-resistant ability meets requirements.

Equipped with in-situ scanning leakage detection mechanism and dust particle sampling port, convenient for HEPA filter leakage detection.

Adopt scanning method for leakage detection. Scanning area covers air outlet of filter and joint between filter and frame without dead corners.

Effectively identify and accurately locate leakage points.

Control cabinet is designed with status monitoring device, which can accurately monitor scanning path, automatically issue and one-button export reports.

Equipped with sterilization test and verification to meet requirements of sterilization effect verification.

Equipped with pressure sampling port, which can be used to install pointer pressure difference gauge or pointer pressure difference transmitter (optional) for monitoring resistance of HEPA filter.

With a unique identification code for each set.

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