Negative Pressure Cabinet Design Nose-only Exposure System for Non-human Primates


Applicable to inhalation exposure tests of inhalation poisoning, inhalation immunity, R&D of inhalation formulations in ABSL-3, ABSL-4 laboratories.







Applicable to ABSL-3 and ABSL-4 laboratories, the system can perform inhalation exposure tests (e.g., inhalation poisoning, inhalation immunity, R&D of inhalation formulations) for 6 monkeys simultaneously. It consists of bioaerosol generator, monkey chair, dedicated negative pressure cabinet, multifunctional exposure mask, exposure environment detector and controller, host controller, gas controller, bioaerosol sampler, aerosol mass concentration detector, bioaerosol waste gas treatment system and protection alarms. Aerosol exposure system complies with OECD inhalation guidelines. Aerosol is generated for animal inhalation, which realizes animal drug delivery with constant concentration and high efficiency via exposure mask, constant pressure recycling chamber, etc., and with recycling procedure for discarded samples. Equipped with controllers and sensors, it can monitor, analyze and record data during tests, compliant with GLP requirements.

Perform inhalation exposure tests for 6 monkeys simultaneously.

Cabinet is made of SS316L. Six visual doors with interlocks between each other, two doors can be opened at the same time. Flow speed at the door is not lower than 0.5m/s. biosecurity guaranteed.

Modular designed cabinet, which can be combined in multiple groups, convenient for transportation and on-site installation. Negative pressure in the cabinet is not less than 50Pa. Mask negative pressure not less than 100Pa.

Exhaust HEPA filter is Class H14 with leakage detection and sterilization in place.

HMI has functions of parameter settings, real-time display and data recording, etc. Real-time monitor parameters of oxygen concentration, carbon dioxide concentration, temp, humidity, pressure (between cabinet and HEPA filter), and abnormal alarms.

One-to-one control of monkey mouth and nose inhalation, enhances dose stability, accuracy and reproducibility.

Translucent aerosol generator enables visual monitoring of liquid level and atomization. Liquid samples can be added midway without downtime.

Monkey chair fits 3-6kg monkeys with adjustable sitting angle which makes monkeys feel better.

The seat and back of monkey chair are made of PTFE for comfort. A removable waste collector is located underneath the seat panel.

Monkeys can be quickly bound by velcro tape, which is convenient and reliable.

Inner size of cabinet is not larger than 3.8*0.8*0.9m.

Monkey chair angle can be adjusted ±90°.

Extraction flow and sampling flow are both 1-30L/min (adjustable).

Monkey chair size 340*300*600 mm.

Negative pressure inside cabinet is not less than 50Pa.

Mask negative pressure is not less than 100Pa.

Aerosol generation rate: higher than 0.2 mL/min.

Perform inhalation test for 6 monkeys.

Stability and evenness error of microbial aerosol is less than ±20%.

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