Automated Image Analysis System of Micronucleus and Chromosome Aberration


Genotoxicity detection for food, drugs, cosmetics, etc.

Radiological personnel health examination.

Radiation biological dosimetry research.







Consists of automated slide feeding, scanning and photographing platform, as well as automated image analysis software for micronucleus and chromosome aberration. Realizes automated high-throughput slide sample feeding, automated image identification and analysis of micronucleus and chromosome aberration. Reduces labor costs and analytical errors and improves work efficiency.

Multiple scanning modes, synchronous analysis and scanning, real-time display of scanning and analysis results.

Micronucleus and chromosome aberration images are easy to analyze and correct.

High-throughput automated slide feeding system, worktable capacity ≥ 8 slides each time, feeding system capacity ≥ 200 slides each time.

Fully automated slide scanning system: equipped with 10X, 20X, 100X lenses, automatically complete focusing, objective lens switching, photographing, oil dripping, and metaphase cell localization and so on.

Automatic analysis of micronucleus: applicable to recognize binuclear and mononuclear lymphocytes. High accuracy, intelligently sorted results, proofreading, automatic calculation of micronucleus cell rate, micronucleus rate, etc., automatic exporting test reports.

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